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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944
NIME. Network information migrants in Europe (2005-2006)

Programme: INTI from DG Freedom, Security and Justice

Year: 2006

Funded by: European Commission. DG Justice Freedom and Security. INTI programme.

Duration: 24 months

Lead Organisation: Gemeente Capelle aan den Ijssel (The Netherlands)

INTRAS Foundation (Spain)
CJD Dortmund (Germany)
Antares 2000 (Italy)
Gerneral Workers Union (Malta)
Ministery of Internal affairs (Malta)
Centre for democration (Slovakia)
Municipality of Toro (Spain)
Municipality of Zagarolo (Italy)
Malarforening (Sweden)
Arabisch Forum (The Netherlands)
Afghaanse vereniging capelle (The Netherlands)
Stichting Kulmiye (The Netherlands)
Foundation FIPA (The Netherlands)
Education Training Board (Malta)



This project carried out in Capelle and other municipalities of Europe was targeted on breaking through the social isolation and participation and if possible on labour fitting in, it's also targeted to developing networks. The municipalities have started with an active policy for establishment of the "zelforganisaties". A "zelforganisatie" is an association or foundation existing from members from the native country of the different groups, who mostly work on voluntary basis. With this project the network achieved a common methodology tested in different municipalities of Europe.

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