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huscie organisations projects social inclusion
Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944
TTS. Training Technical Staff (2006-2007)

Programme: Socrates Grundtvig Learning Partnerships

Year: 2007

Funded by: European Commission. DG Education and Culture. Socrates programme. Grundtvig 2 Learning Partnership.

Duration: 12 months

Lead Organisation: INTRAS Foundation (Spain)

ADM Estrela (Portugal)
KKDH (Denmark)



The main objective of TTS project was to improve the training of teachers and educators working with different groups in risk of social exclusion, making special emphasis in people with disability and immigrants, with the purpose of deepening in the knowledge, abilities and necessary attitudes to work with these groups. The improvement in the pedagogical methodology of professionals was considered necessary to innovate and to improve the quality of the services given to these populations, as well as to develop the ability of the professionals in the performance of directive tasks and coordination of interdisciplinary equipment, with the purpose of improving and promoting its self-determination, independent life and quality of life.

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