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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944
ItFits: Volunteering in Sports & Mental Health

Programme: Youth in Action- European Voluntary Service

Year: 2014

Funded by: Youth in Action Programme of the European Union

Duration: 1 year

Lead Organisation: Intras Foundation (Spain)

• Fundación Coanil (Chile)
• Youth NGO Iskra (Ukraine)
• Associazione Stranaidea (Italy)
• Experimentáculo Associação Cultura (Portugal)
• CLEAR - Centre for Learning, Education, Awareness & Revival (Ireland)



People with mental health issues are even more at risk for obesity and have higher mortality rates of chronic diseases than the general population. Some of the reasons for these problems are the limited access to sports activities, the side-effects of their medication or compulsive eating. By improving access to physical activities, people with mental health issues will become more motivated and can participate in sports more easily.

10 volunteers coming from European and Latin American countries will play an important role in promoting the participation of service users in healthy activities and sports. Furthermore, volunteering at the Intras Foundation will contribute to the exchange of experiences and ideas in the field of working with people with disabilities due to mental illness.

C/Santa Lucía 19, 1ªst floor, 47005, Valladolid. SPAIN, T. 0034 983 399 633. Email: