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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944

Programme: Youth in Action- European Voluntary Service

Year: 2014

Funded by: European Commission

Duration: 1 year

Lead Organisation: Intras Foundation (Spain)

Fundación INTRAS (España)
CLEAR – Centre for Learning, Education, Awareness & Revival (Irlanda)
Stranaidea- Impresa Sociale Onlus (Italia)
ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil (Portugal)



People with mental health difficulties are at even higher risk of being overweight than the rest of the population, partly due to the side effects of the medication, and partly due to inactivity. The Unique project promotes sports, outdoor activites and the creation of healthy lifestyles.

In this context, Clare, Annalisa and Ricardo from Ireland, Italy and Portugal respectivetly, and for a period of 9 months, will organize, carry out and encourage users’ participation in the proposed activities. In addition, they will be part of a team of professionals working to improve the standard of living of people with mental health issues; so UNIQUE project becomes a unique experience and an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that contribute to the growth of both the volunteers and users with whom they work.

C/Santa Lucía 19, 1ªst floor, 47005, Valladolid. SPAIN, T. 0034 983 399 633. Email: