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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944
TRANSPACE Transitional Spaces for Empowering Children and Youth with Disabilities to protect themselves from Community-Based Violence

Programme: Daphne III

Year: 2012

Funded by: European Commission. DG Justice

Duration: 2012-2014

Lead Organisation: • Fundación INTRAS (Spain)

• ET Orpheus Galabina Tarashoeva (Bulgaria)
• CJD BBW Frenchen (Germany)
• Pro Mente Oberosterreich (Austria)
• Borgorete Società Cooperativa Sociale (Italy)
• Way-out psychiatric Self Help Association (Hungary)
• Universitary of Maribor (Slovenia)
• The MRS Consultancy Limited (UK)



Young people with mental health difficulties are frequently subjected to both physical and verbal bullying. The social stigma attached to mental health difficulties often results in violent behaviour towards people living with these disabilities. This problem has been identified by both the World Health Organisation and the World Psychiatric Association as a priority issue which needs to be addressed. Transpace will enable young people from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Spain to reflect upon the nature of the violence they are experiencing and combat it´s effects through the use of space as a tool for different social interactions.

To develop and implement an innovative and inter-disciplinary method for children and youth with intellectual and mental health disabilities to deal effectively and positively with the violence they often experience. More in detail:
• To establish the nature of the violence experienced by the young people from 6 European countries.
• To develop defensive tools, drawing on the concept of Transitional Space as a method or approach.
• To provide children and youth with intellectual or mental disabilities with communication tools and a virtual space to speak up and be heard.
• To develop positive interactions between young people with mental health or learning difficulties and some of their peers who do not live with the same challenges.
• To contribute to the search for and development of solutions to the violence perpetrated against children and young people with mental illness.

• Research about the nature of violence in relation to children and youth with mental illness and/ or learning difficulties.
• Development and testing of a new training methodology for combatting violence.
• Creation of a booklet introducing the newly conceived methodology and an European magazine on self-protection.
• Organize an international training of trainers on this new methodology.
• Creation of a virtual space for the children/youth to share.

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