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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944

Programme: European Voluntary Service in Valladolid

Year: 2013

Funded by: : Instituto de la Juventud, Junta de Castilla y León. Programa: “Juventud en Acción”, Servicio de Voluntariado Europeo

Duration: 2013

Lead Organisation: Fundación INTRAS (Spain)

- CLEAR – Centre for Learning, Education, Awareness & Revival.
- Associazione Culturale “Strauss” (Italy)



Project INART is working to enable young volunteers to gain a better understanding of the concept and values of Europe and empower them to contribute to Europe in a positive and effective fashion. With the two volunteers in this project coming from Italy and Ireland we aim to encourage solidarity, tolerance, social inclusion and collaboration between cultures. Throughout the voluntary period, the volunteers will be part of a professional team working with and for people living with mental health difficulties. Within this environment they are expected to contribute their ideas and knowledge as well as learn from the professionals they are working with. It is a unique experience and opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills which will contribute to both their personal and professional growth.

- To encourage solidarity, tolerance and inclusion between young Europeans and as a result promote active citizenship.
- To gain practical experience working with people living with mental health difficulties and using ART as a tool for the development of other solf skills.
- To provide an opportunity for inter-cultural learning.
- To encourage personal and professional development through exposure to a positive professional working environment.

Hosting for a period of six months, two volunteers coming from Italy and Ireland, to support, adults in the day care centre and young people in the vocational school to gain solf skills being responsible for:
- creating an environment that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle through artistic activities.
- Participating in and contributing ideas for workshops in art, craft, reading, writing, cooking and music etc.
- giving their individual attention, when needed, to youths and adults who use the facilites provided by INTRAS

Besides, volunteers collaborate in the Projects department where they draft articles, newsletters, leaflets and other informational materials.

C/Santa Lucía 19, 1ªst floor, 47005, Valladolid. SPAIN, T. 0034 983 399 633. Email: