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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944

Programme: Youth in Action Programme; Action 2- European Voluntary Service

Year: 2011

Funded by: European Commission. Spanish National Agency. INJUVE

Duration: 6 M

Lead Organisation: INTRAS foundation (Spain)

• Polish Robert Schuman Foundation (Poland)
• Associazione Culturale “Strauss”.



This EVS project “EDURNE” meets the objective of bringing the notion and values of Europe to young people throughout the voluntary experience, fostering collaboration, solidarity and tolerance and promoting social cohesion within European Union. This initiative is addressed to stimulate active collaboration and volunteering as well as to combat social exclusion of youth people with disabilities due to mental illness. Activities carry out within EDURNE project at the Vocational Training Centre and the Cognitive Rehabilitation Centre, running by INTRAS Foundation, contribute to the exchange of experiences and ideas, to the volunteers’ personal development as well as serving as a first encounter with the professional world.

C/Santa Lucía 19, 1ªst floor, 47005, Valladolid. SPAIN, T. 0034 983 399 633. Email: