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huscie organisations projects social inclusion
Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944
EQUALIS. Information and Communication Society for all (2001-2003)

Programme: E-Learning Programme from DGEAC

Year: 2003

Funded by: DG Employment and Social Affairs.

Duration: 24 motnhs

Lead Organisation: INTRAS Foundation (Spain)

CJD Dortmund (Germany)
Centre de Recherche (France)
FIPA (The Netherlands)
G&K (Ireland)



The aim was to analyze the opportunities and possibilities for certain social excluded collectives to avoid the digital gap.

C/Santa Lucía 19, 1ªst floor, 47005, Valladolid. SPAIN, T. 0034 983 399 633. Email: