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huscie organisations projects social inclusion
Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944
R3L. (2002-2004)

Programme: LLL Programme

Year: 2004

Funded by: European Commission. DG Education and Culture. Lifelong Learning programme. Pilot Projects

Duration: 18 months

Lead Organisation: Bath Mind (UK)

Bath Social Services (UK)
Bath Health Authority (UK)
Bath College of Further Education (UK)
KKDH (Denmark)
The Municipality of Copenhagen (Denmark)
The Dept of Education and Youth (Denmark)
The Adult Education Bureau (Denmark)
Antares 2000 (Italy)
Provincia do Roma (Italy)
Comune di Saracinesco (Italy)
CGIL (Italy)
INTRAS Foundation (Spain)
Ayuntamiento de Serrada (Spain)
Gemeente Capelle aan den Ijssel (The Netherlands)
FIPA (The Netherlands)



The aims of the Project were:
-To provide the means to motivate individuals from socially excluded groups to participate and successfully engage in lifelong learning through a formal assessment process (Lifelong Learning Personal Development Planning).
-To facilitate regional development by enabling the learning regions to effectively respond to need and to target future resources to maximum effect through the provision of benchmarking information.
-To create the practical means to promote the effective networking of "learning regions" through shared experience of the LLPDP process.
-To utilise the experience of each individual "learning region" as a stepping stone to greater effectiveness for the joint regions by using the experience within the partnership in the design of a "best practice" process.

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