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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944
TELECEM. Transnational Network of Telecentres for people with disabilities and other groups in risk of social exclusion (2003-2004)

Programme: Interreg IIIB. Atlantic Area

Year: 2004

Funded by: ERDF Funds. Interreg IIIB Atlantic Area

Duration: 24 months

Lead Organisation: INTRAS Foundation (Spain)

Toucan Europe (UK)
Bath Mind (UK)
Hospital Magalhaes Lemos from Porto(Portugal)



At the moment there is no doubt of the great importance of the New Technologies of the Information and the Communication in the social-economic progress of the last decade in Europe, as well as its increasing influence in the economic, political and social relations. However, this fact has a double slide, denominated "digital gap", that increases the barriers of discrimination between those who have access to these technologies and those groups that, for economic, social reasons, or of another type, do not have this access.
The present project raised the creation of the Transnational Network of Tele-centers for people with mental disease and other groups in social disadvantage, in four European regions (Castilla-León in Spain, Region North of Portugal and Somerset and Greater Manchester in the UK), as a pilot project for the implantation of a new model of distribution of the NTIC adapted to the necessities of these groups.
The new model of Tele-centre was based on complementing the own activities of the Tele-centre with the creation of an attached pre-labour workshops for the same group, so that they take advantage of synergies between both to the maximum, guaranteeing its future viability.

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