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Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944

HUSCIE European Network develops and manages European projects involving member organisations which want to contribute to social inclusion of the different collectives who are marginalised by economics, race, gender, education, social, mental or physical situation. More than 20 projects have been implemented by HUSCIE European Network, developing different activities, achieving relevant outcomes and promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged collectives as active citizens of the European Union.

-  ERASMUS+ action: YOUTH MOBILITY. M-ZONE: Exploring Mental Well-being and Diversity
-  ERASMUS+ Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Action: Strategic Partnerships for youth CONNECT: Virtual mobility – Connecting young people across Europe
-  Youth in Action- European Voluntary Service UNIQUE Huscie
-  Youth in Action- European Voluntary Service ItFits: Volunteering in Sports & Mental Health
-  Youth in Action - Youth democracy projects THREE WORLDS, ONE EUROPE: Acquiring active citizenship skills in creative and international workshops
-  European Voluntary Service in Valladolid INART – INTRAS VOLUNTEER THERAPEUTIC ART PROGRAMME
-  Lifelong Learning Programme PLACE AND TRAIN
-  Daphne III TRANSPACE Transitional Spaces for Empowering Children and Youth with Disabilities to protect themselves from Community-Based Violence
-  Youth in Action Programme; Action 1- Youth for Europe, Youth exchanges YOUNG FORESTERS
-  Youth in Action Programme Youth Citizen Journalism
-  Youth in Action Programme; Action 2- European Voluntary Service EDURNE: EDUCATE FOR THEIR NEEDS
-  Lifelong Learning - Grundtvig Multilateral Project ETRA: Education Trough Re-habilitative social Art -photo
-  Youth in Action Programme; Action 2-European Voluntary Service MOVING TO INCLUSION! European Voluntary Service in Toro, Coreses and Zamora city
-  Europe for Citizens MIROPE– Mirroring Europe
-  Lifelong learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci SUVOT – Spicing Up Vocational Training
-  Daphne from DG Freedom, Security and Justice ARTSAFE. Artsafe and conflict Transformation (2007-2009)
-  Lifelong learning Programme. GRUNDTVIG EDDILI – to EDucate is to make possible the DIscovery of LIfe
-  Youth in Action Programme; Action 1- Youth for Europe, Youth exchanges NATURE: OUR PERSONAL COACH
-  Youth in Action. Youth Exchanges CTTA. Conflict Transformation through Art (2007)
-  European Cooperation. JCYL THREE IN THE LINE. Mental Health in Europe (2007)
-  Socrates Grundtvig Learning Partnerships TTS. Training Technical Staff (2006-2007)
-  Socrates Grundtvig Learning Partnerships BTOE. Barriers to Employment (2004-2007)
-  Mainstreaming Disability Policies. DG Employment and Social Affairs SWOD. Sexuality and Women with Disabilities (2005-2006)
-  INTI from DG Freedom, Security and Justice NIME. Network information migrants in Europe (2005-2006)
-  Youth in Action. Youth Exchanges EYWR. European Youth Week in Rome (2005)
-  E-Learning Programme from DGEAC e-ability. E-learning and social inclusion for people with disability. (2004-2005)
-  Leonardo ABIL.MENTE. (2004-2005)
-  Youth in Action. Youth Exchanges ERFAHRUNG EUROPA.(2005)
-  Youth in Action. Pilot Project STRUCTURAL CHANGES AND OUTDOOR SPORTS. Let´s Go! Discover Europe (2003-2005)
-  Interreg IIIB. Atlantic Area TELECEM. Transnational Network of Telecentres for people with disabilities and other groups in risk of social exclusion (2003-2004)
-  Article 6 of ESF ABEA. Area Based Employment (2003-2004)
-  LLL Programme R3L. (2002-2004)
-  E-Learning Programme from DGEAC EQUALIS. Information and Communication Society for all (2001-2003)
-   Say no to Doping in Sports (2001)

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