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huscie organisations projects social inclusion
Legally registered organisation in The Hague on 14th February 2003, with Nº 5351944

Mr. Markus Besserer
Clarenbergweg 81
50226 Frechen



The main aim of the CJD Frechen is the vocational and social Rehabilitation from Youngsters and young adults in the backyard of the City Cologne. In the vocational training centre are living and working more than 250 young male and female during their Rehabilitation time ( 2 or 3 years). We offer theme 25 different work fields and all will have at the end a final examination. 600 external students visitiong our College, the most of them are disadvantaged and social excluded.
A team from Social pedagogic, Teachers, Psychologists and Vocational Trainers are responsible for the Process of Rehabilitation. For the participants and the CJD are partners necessary as there are:

- Politics in the Province Bergheim, City of Cologne, Region North-Rheine-Westafalica and Federal Republic of Germany
- The social, youth and health administration on each level in the Country
- The employers and the enterprises
- The National agency of labour with local and regional departments
- The Universities and High Schools in Province and City
- The Psychologists, The hospitals and other important stakeholders in the Public Health System

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